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Project Management/ Employers Agent

Managing projects is more than simple delegation! In this modern, high-speed world, Project Managers need to have the leadership capabilities, the ability to disseminate and understand complex data, knowledge, and the experience to deliver and navigate a course to effectively manage risk, time, cost and quality, in order to meet the project's brief.

By providing strong, expert leadership from the start of a project, we give clients the level of confidence and assurance that they require. We develop programme delivery methodologies that are robust, transparent and based on experience drawn from large scale projects.

Our team is skilled at working across a range of contract types, such as lump sum, cost plus, public-private partnerships, alliances and joint ventures. This variety of skills is essential for the assured delivery of complex projects.

In order to ensure that our project management team provides the optimum levels of support, their knowledge of the latest legislation and industry specific requirements is monitored through regular re-evaluation and training registers.

To ensure we meet the stringent commercial aspects of any project and deliver profitable results for our clients, we have developed a robust and proactive project management methodology. High levels of attention to detail and innovation are integral to our processes.

Our methodology will:

  • Select and manage an appropriate integrated project team best suited to the project and its demands
  • Create a transparent working environment for the interchange of team activities
  • Establish reliable, effective and controllable means of communication across geographic and organisational boundaries
  • Create a system to process and record financial requirements
  • Develop and manage an integrated project schedule to monitor, control and report progress on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • Establish effective project control governance.

Our diverse industry network allows us to call upon technical and sector specialists to offer rapid solutions throughout the lifecycle of a project.