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Pre-Contract Strategy Definition & Project Planning

As someone who is looking to undertake a major project, be it the construction of a new office, refurbishment or extension of your existing premises, you don't always want to go directly to a building contractor to get advice on your proposed project. After all this approach can mean that you don't always achieve your commercial goals. That is where we come in!

Our years of experience gained from working within Construction, and for many of the Main Contractors, means that we can support you by providing you with the necessary information, without the need for early engagement from a contractor and the loss of your commercial edge.

Here are examples of how we can help you:
Test that your proposed scheme is commercially and technically viable
Define the Contractual Tree
Develop a Project Execution Plan, including logistics and transportation plans (depending upon project complexity), to ensure that your project meet local and regional authority guidelines
Define Project Roles and responsibilities
Procure and Negotiate the Appointment of Consultants (including Architects, Engineers, etc.)
Lead and support through the planning Application process (including the discharging of any reserved matters)
Assist with the negotiation of any Party Wall Agreements, etc.
Prepare any Employers Requirements and Tender Documentation
Prepare Preliminary Project Programmes and Timetables
Attract contractors to submit PQQ and bid for your project


You may have heard of the RIBA Plan of Work! You can find out more about the Plan of Work here

First developed in 1963, the RIBA Plan of Work is a definitive UK Model, published by the RIBA themselves, for the building design, development and construction processes. This plan of work, is a great way during the development, construction and handover to manage and control the development cycle. Because your other consultants, including Architects and your engineers will also be aware of this plan, we beleive that it is beneficial to you, to see when, where and how our services align with the plan.

For your ease the following diagram identifies the stage you or your project should be at in order to take advantage of our service described above.