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Project Commercial Management

Now here is an interesting question - What exactly is 'Commercial Management'?

The role of a commercial manager, and the commercial management functions performed, play a critical part in the commercial and financial success of a construction project or of any other business. In any industry, the role of a commercial manager is to maximise the potential of a business in terms of profitability. The commercial manager monitors, or controls, internal processes such as production, and manages external relationships with customers, clients and trading partners. At the same time, the commercial manager monitors financial performance (both forecast and achieved) and manages any risks there may be to achieving forecasts, whether these are known from the outset or introduced through changing circumstances. The evolution of commercial management within construction is in line with all of the above. However, due to the complexity of valuing and costing construction works, commercial management within construction has evolved into more of a technical discipline, largely carried out by a quantity surveyor

Our services can prove invaluable to a wide range of stakeholders ranging from governments, investors, major corporations and international contractors, through to banks, lawyers and insurers, providing specialist cost and commercial advice. We also support and enhance clients’ existing commercial management teams by providing talented commercial managers who can share their expertise and improve project performance. Our specialist staff support projects from the inception of a scheme through the establishment of cost management systems and processes, to project completion.

Here are examples of the types of activities that our Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying teams do if deployed to Commercial manage a Project
Project estimating, budget preparation & cost planning
Contract Procurement
Subcontract Procurement
Contract Administration
Subcontract Administration
Cost Reporting & Costs Forecasting
Evaluation of the Quantum of Claims & Variations

We recognise that each client’s needs are different and that the range and degree of support and expertise required may vary considerably. Understanding this, and the nuances of a contract, enables us to work with each client to apply the appropriate processes and control procedures necessary to protect our client’s contractual and commercial position.



You may have heard of the RIBA Plan of Work! You can find out more about the Plan of Work here

First developed in 1963, the RIBA Plan of Work is a definitive UK Model, published by the RIBA themselves, for the building design, development and construction processes. This plan of work, is a great way during the development, construction and handover to manage and control the development cycle. Because your other consultants, including Architects and your engineers will also be aware of this plan, we believe that it is beneficial to you, to see when, where and how our services align with the plan.

For your ease the following diagram identifies the stage you or your project should be at in order to take advantage of our services described above.