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A cost effective way for everyone to obtain Project Management, Quantity Surveying & Commercial Contracting Expertise....


Real Estate, Property Development, Construction and Contracting can be a harsh and risky business!

For many companies, maybe just like yours, getting professional cost effective support to help you ensure that you get the right price, manage those Commercial Risks and time by Watching the Clock, Buy the Right Stuff, Avoid Disputes and above all maintain their profitability, can be a challenge. Therefore to ensure that no one goes without, rather than engaging us as an hourly paid consultancy we have packaged together those main services our customers offer, and brought them to you for a low cost, all-inclusive fixed fee. This way you never have to worry about calling upon our services and being charged additional unplanned-for fees.

Below are a selection of packages that are typical of the range of different services we provide for our customers. For further information or to find out what we could deliver for your budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Prices will vary depending upon both the nature and volume of your companies work. All packages are subject to our Standard Terms of Business.

If our Monthly Subscription and retained services are not for you, don't worry, you will always be able to take advantage of our services.. just opt for our Dedicated Project Management or Consultancy!